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Look at the _ _ _ _ _ _ [Apr. 3rd, 2006|02:50 pm]
[music |Delays - Sink Like A Stone]


For the new address, check out the link at Mr Breakey's or email me (webmaster(at)darthdavid.co.uk)
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Beta readers [Mar. 26th, 2006|10:43 pm]
[music |POD]

Hullo. That time again...

Would anyone be willing to read some stuff I've written, and give me feedback? It involves reading it through, then going through again making comments. Finally, if you're up for it going through again and adding to those comments.
You don't have to be a literature critic or studying english, its a much simpler story than that.

If so please message me your email address via webmaster(at)darthdavid.co.uk or on MSN or through this forum or whichever. Remember, I need your email address.

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geekdom [Mar. 26th, 2006|02:32 am]

Rather than sleep I took a couple of personality tests.

I did not fix this:

To link it (the actual code):

You are Chekov
Jean-Luc Picard
Leonard McCoy (Bones)
Deanna Troi
Mr. Scott
Geordi LaForge
Beverly Crusher
James T. Kirk (Captain)
Mr. Sulu
Will Riker
An Expendable Character (Redshirt)
Brash, rash and hasty,
but everyone loves you.

Click here to take the "Which Star Trek character am I?" quiz...

I got 15.58185% in this one...thats the second lowest catagory I'll have you know! And thers nothing for 'not a geek'. Plus, if there wasn't an "I have read" section then I probably would be in the bottom one!
i am a geek
A touchy subject - I am not a geek! I know this to be true!

[If I were an online test, I would be The James Bond Villain Personality Test]

I'm The James Bond Villain Personality Test!Click here to find out which test you are!

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Orange [Mar. 25th, 2006|06:56 pm]
[mood |annoyedannoyed]
[music |click click of penury clack]

Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce the United Kingdom.
A true haven for rogues and scoundrels who wish to retrain as eedgits and form a mobile phone company.

Never go on a phone contract. Never. Just don't do it. No buts. BIG NO.

No, not even if its an 02 online deal and looks oh-so-cheap. They'll overcharge you hundreds, mess you around, and after six months of hassling them they will merely sympathise as you agonise. Its not you, its them. They make out that they love you but actually just want to control you and if you even think of leaving them they'll cause a scene in the street.

And don't do it if its Orange Student deal either. Yes, 1000 texts looks useful. But the Internet service they require you to use is far from useful. In fact for the majority of the time on my contract it has been broken, with no apology or concept of whats goin on from Orange. It starts off good enough, I even got a snazzy phone from them, but if you think about it carefully you'll find its your money they're after.

Look I know these contracts are tempting.
But listen, list-en to your friends. We've been here before. We're only thinking of you and at the end of the day its you thats going to be hurt by this.
What about Pay as you go? (02 online 300 texts included if you top up once)
Say what you want yeah, but it wont let you down and its always there when you need it. Its been waitin for you this whole time.

In other news I am back in strathaven, managed to offend a train load of people on the way.

If I phone any of you in the next 9 months hang up instantly. Orange might get you too. I'm serious, I'm on beans and toast this term.

Vote Labour.
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I hear the thunder in the beat of your wings and in the wind, you strike, forgive,you judge,you sing [Mar. 20th, 2006|03:06 pm]
[mood |unready]
[music |the delays]

Back in Strathaven. All evil villains and crooked craws beware.

Well, if you're a lithgo fan and I know you are theres only two things on your mind right now. No doubt you've heard the stories and have a couple of questions...
1) How big was that tree?
2) Is the beard really gone?

Perhaps you're not a fan but just a casual enthusiast, and therefore hadn't heard. Thus I shall explain.

The Tree.

Recently Ally G and me went off to Loch Lomond and the Trossachs in search of adventure. It was an altogether terrific day with a terrific chap, concluding with a terrific allyg style meal and terrific church @vineyard. T'riff. Lots of sausages with spinach along the way too. Lots of fences....

During the quest we came upon a tree, conservatively estimated to be the biggest tree in Scotland.
Now Ally G is quite a tall customer, and here he is jumping and stretching his full length. He's the speck next to the tree.

The Scale of the Tree

Ally, being the adventurous sort suggested that we climb this tree. Or more accurately, that I climb this tree. So I did.
I would genuinely like to thank God that I did not fall off.

Hat fallen off, thrown at cameraman
Just as difficult as it looks
Hark a handhold

I was therefore promoted to dragonfly, as the below picture illustrates.
I don't need no ticket, I've got a ridiculous beard

Question 2 to be answered shortly.

I've been thinking these days about what it is to be a bit revolutionary.
Revolution to me means a change to a system which comes from outwith that system.

I want to explain this in a few sentences but that may mean it doesn't make much sense.

For instance, at church I don't particularly feel I fit in (principally because I'm gone 9 months of the year perhaps) to the social cliques I'm expected to fit into.
Here there are two voices:
1) "You can neither be a benefit to nor be benefited by these young people because they already have their own totally impenetratable clique."
2) "Its difficult therefore you can do it, should do it and have an amazing opporunity" This voice almost sees the opportunity over the opposition.

Perhaps a similar thing in ones home situation or place of work or learnin or whatever.

Or, alternatively, if I'm having trouble overcoming something in my spiritual life, or encouraging something good:
1) "You'll never get past this."
2) "You can't get past this on your own, you need God, pray and He'll show up. This is a gateway to intimacy and an opportunity for growth."

Commonly one might think that the 2nd voice is just Christian self-brainwashing. But actually I think its deprogramming. I've never beleived the devil whispers things in our ears but I do believe that we are conditioned by our environment. If we believe in another environment, namely the miraculous (God's intervention), and are dedicated to spiritual growth which is the growth of the miraculous in us and through us....then there should be no fundamental need to listen to the voice of our environment. There could arguably be harm in listening to such a voice.

For me the 2nd voice is very quiet. But I am now at last convinced it is right.

Not to sound too extreme but the earlier chapters in 1Corinthians talk about sound doctrine having power behind it. I believe that if I listen to the 2nd voice then I will grow, and yes, I believe the 2nd voice has great miraculous power. Particularly pertinent to the most exciting interpretation of spiritual growth.
I reckon I'm not at a spiritual high but I have a choice whether or not I recognise that. I am almost given the choice that I can stay exactly how I am for an undisclosed amount of time or totally change my thinking. Its precisely this kind of talk - "change thinking", "voices" etc that usually I see as more secular than spiritual but actually* I believe there is powerful and mighty stuff behind it. Aye, really. And its hard for me to exlain that here but hey. If you're a Christian I could use your prayers.

I feel totally unready. Yet many things I'm doing on the outside are me finishin up, not preparing. I'm unready on the inside, for whatever revolution God wants to do there.

And I'm doing a flickr space thing.

*Thanks to in yer face for increasing my use of the word 'actually'

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(no subject) [Mar. 20th, 2006|02:25 pm]
[mood |passionate]
[music |the popular banjo]

I was 14, and I wrote this for a friend. For the same friend it is now applicable, and though he'll never read it I thought I'd pull it up all the same and though you've never known the God it mentions He still loves you, with a brave timid jealous terrifying comforting alien love.

All I did not need to know
Was you were giving your life away
Give it back
Give it back to God today

All you know is all you feel
And all you feel is empty words
You don’t love her, do you
love her, do you
Love her, do you know?

But she’s your idol now, the idol you don’t know,
She's your idol now, your idol buddha doll

And you’re falling, you’re falling
(And you’ve fallen, you’ve fallen)
Through the roof of grand despair
Or off a cliff face, trying to grab new love
But all you feel is empty air
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Diary entry 1011 1010 [Mar. 6th, 2006|04:33 pm]
I feel like theres a revolution going on inside, which is well cool.

I'm relaxing but nobody believes me.

The emphasis switches to Physics.

Kinda gutted I spend my hanging-out-with-more-folks time primarily at either end of my terms. Busy year >) Ready for the next, God willing.

Another note-form blog ;p procrastination on the move?
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t h u n d e r c a t s r g o [Mar. 3rd, 2006|10:31 am]
a sleepless night of neck injuries, passive smoking, adventure and the man wi the master plan...and thats my computing coursework done.

Databases hand in was probably the second worst I've ever handed in to any Computing thing. I don't know what mark they'll give me for it, if anything.
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You've been a long time coming|havent you heard I'm tired|Theres gold in your pocket&fire in ur eyes [Mar. 2nd, 2006|11:39 pm]
[mood |exhaustedexhausted]
[music |Long time coming - delays (myspace.com/delays)]

I am alive.

I find that amazing. Not because of any great persecution or a vaunted self image. Just that I'm alive.

However it is late, I'm in the lab and I might be tired. Yo. Hip, hip.
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(no subject) [Feb. 28th, 2006|11:33 am]
[mood |determined & tired]

If you walk around with your eyes closed towards every sound you hear or work for a sinister government organisation OR have a body of experience in recreating martian landscapes please omit to read this. There may be an element of ranting. Rest assured its not me, its you.

I have now recieved my umpteenth threatening letter from TV Licensing. I must have had at least four, in incrementally more serious looking paper, each drawing on this image of myself in court with a thousand others like me (who also don't watch television) being 'fined', 'prosecuted' and generally 'beaten about a bit'.
I am well and truly hacked off with the whole thing.
Not once have they sent me a nice letter asking how I was. Not once have they sent me a card, just a letter, never a greeting, just a threat.

Now, I'm all for Tony Blair. But the government just doesn't seem to understand. If you want to sell me something, namely television, then sending me letters threatening to prosecute me until I buy it isn't the way to go. Can you imagine if mobile phone companies did that, or Philips for DVD players, or Sky or Pet Rescue? You can't just twist peoples arms until they cede to paying hundreds of pounds to watch the new doctor who.

And exactly how do they tell that you're watching it anyway? What exactly is this amazing super equipment they always talk about but never actually elaborate on? There is no special signal which leaves the television to say 'I would like to recieve a signal now'. It simply recieves whats in the air all around it without sending anything out. Thats why TV ratings can't ever be reliably collected except from a test pool of people with special boxes.
How do they tell if an electron is being accelerated towards a cathode screen and results in a pixel of Newsnight or Reporting Scotland?
Or are they able to monitor your heart rate and tell when you're watching television or just a bit relaxed then in with the letters? Is it the starship enterprise they have up there flying around checking for life signs in our flat and sifting through each electrical signal to find one they can fleece us for?
If indeed they have this amazing technology surely tehy should be able to scan by bank numbers from my head and debit me directly.

Its aggressive salesmanship meets scifi...

And even if the TV was plugged into an aerial, how do they prove you sit watching it at six o clock every night?
I love the old* ads...they say when you don't pay your licence they wont find out in your house theyll find out in their database then youll find out on their mat. Well its good to see justice is alive and well. I suppose I should just be grateful I'm not getting road tax bills the same way too. "Our database indicates you do not have a tax disc and whilst you dont own a car and have never driven one we are writing to inform you we will be pursuing this matter in the courts. You may recieve another eight letters in progressively more official paper."
Can you imagine what would happen if they did the CSA this way? Perhaps they do.

Apart from the starship enterprise orbitting my chimney there is a new visitor outside. Alfred McAlpine construction co.
Why is this an issue?
Check your map of the united kingdom. You may or may not find a mention of Strathaven, where I'm from, in such a map. If it is there, then the map was made before Alfred Mcalpine came round. If it isn't on the map then its because they removed 95% of strathaven's land mass in an attempt to fix a pipe. They contributed to mentions of a 'Ancient Village ruins' or 'Site of Meteor Shower' six miles south of east kilbride.
On my own street they were particularly fond of digging big holes in front of peoples drive ways. The objective being cars sticking bottom up out of the ground.
The street resembled a slalom course - literally in the case of the blind fellow that lives there who quite easily could have fallen in one.
Maybe it was necessary though.
But it wasn't necessary to leave it umpteen months until each street had a dozen frozen over ponds in place of garden features. Perhaps next time they'll have to close the school because THERE IS NO SCHOOL just a hole in the ground where maybe, just maybe 'that pesky pipe' might have been.
Nothing strikes terror into the heart of a stravonian more than a white alfred mcalpine van (comes to dig holes, leaves them there, then van nowhere to be seen except on the town outskirts zapping about) followed by a henderson travel bus.

I can't start going on about henderson travel as i have an exam at two.

So I will merely address the subject of robot people.
Have you noticed walking around university that some people are totally determined to walk into you , through you, whatever as soon as see you. Its like they crave physical contact. You can give them a berth of ten metres and they'll still make a bee line straight for you, totally blocking your path and forcing you to trip over them, and, of course, apologise. Its worse when they hang about in packs. Then its like trying to shoot a penalty or something you've got a line of ten people jumping and swerving to try and stop you getting past.
There must be a logical explanation for this. I call them robot people because there must be someone somewhere with a switch that says 'GO NORTH', 'SOUTH' etc and they just sit there flicking it randomly. And they're bound to walk in that direction even if it means stomping over a river, until the button is flicked. Theres no programming in them that says 'when you see a person, do not go out of your way to walk into them deliberately'.


*I haven't seen any new ones because I DON'T WATCH TV
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